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It's been years since I've used it. Only really came back to read a fanfic on here but I guess I should strive to improve my writing skills since I looking for a job and all. I've also never really blogged as such, it feels weird to me to write down my thoughts as though people would actually give a shit. So many times I've started writing a big long winded post and then just deleted it thinking, 'nobody actually cares'. That's not in the self loathing woe is me way, just really this is irrelevant to everyone's life I'm just wasting space that could be taken up with a picture of Pinkie Pie. Which is why my blog is basically a shrine to whatever my latest obsession is. i'm only writing this as I don't want people to stumble across this and only see the shit I posted in the past. So yeah I may update this, highly likely I wont.


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now? plz!
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i think so.
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Are there plenty of Stingy/Stephanie fandoms and hardly any Stingy/Trixie. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE >=[.
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stayed up for it wooo went to bed at 7:15 tho i fell asleep around 3 for an hour lol i missed gordens speechy thing tho who cares about that =D
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Adam and Elle are ment to be.
That is all.
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ive just back read everyones LJs because ive missed so much D=
really should update more often and with things more interesting than just "KATY WATCH HEROES"


ok worst day of my life last friday we were on pub crawl night before so didnt get to bed till 4:30 and had 9-5 lectures the next day [Fridays suck]. Anyways get up at 7 get dressed go to breakfast BAM cooks not well no breakfast just crappy toast and cereal and because im catered i dont have and food in my cupbords thats breafast worthy and no time that that which isnt. So after lack of food we go to lecture at 9 and its that bitch woman that i have told you about D= after that me and noor went to get food from university place. I got full english breakfast and a bottle of water wasnt until i got to my set i realised id bought sparkling water, shit on my life, so Noor goes back and get me a proper water and all is well until..... i try to go to my next lecture which is in stopford which you need a swipe card to get into, only ive forgotten mine so i go up to the woman and tell her and shes all "nope go away" D= so i have to go back because i have lab later which i will need the card for again. Later on i meet a person who also was in my lecture and had forgotten there card and guess what he was allowed in >=[. So i meet up with Noor the hour before lab so we can go over the lab prep for week 1 together we do this and then head off to lab. Shes group D and im Group E but we are on the same day. So i leave her at her lab room and go to mine where the woman says "welcome to lab we are going to start lab week 2" at this point im not suprised as God hates me and i hastily complete the prelab questions. Labs are shit. I was in that room until 5:05 and Noor got out at 4:30 D= all because we had this stupid demonstartor theat proof-read our work and we had to make spelling changes and everything seriously we where the last group to leave. Oh and i left my earrings in the lab coat pocket =D

Got home and everyhting went fine from there because holly came oh wait we both paid £4.59 for a cocktail and it was so bad we couldnt drink it (y).
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i have THE worst lecture woman ever she literally put a massive paragraph up on the board then 5 seconds later it was gone O.o
AND she doesn't believe in posting notes on blackboard because you should come to the lectures to get the notes. but you still wont get them anyways because she goes at 100mph >=[ my hand hurst =[ and she is so mean if people come in late she makes a fool of them in front of the whole lecture theater "oh I'm sorry did you not know what time lectures start....sorry what was your name...Jane well everyone else managed to get her on time" in a very condescending voice *FUME*

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hurry up and watch heroes D=
its my crack supply
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